Author: Stephen Martin

Travel to The World With Ease


In a globalized world where travel and cross-border experiences have become integral to personal and professional growth, the concept of hassle-free visas has emerged as a game-changer. The traditional complexities associated with visa processes have often been a deterrent for many, but recent innovations and streamlined procedures are paving the way for a more accessible [Continue]

Australia Highest Pay Jobs in 2023

Australia’s job market is dynamic and influenced by various factors, including economic conditions, industry growth, and evolving skill demands. Understanding the industries that are projected to experience significant pay rises can guide individuals in making informed career decisions. As of 2022, here are potential sectors where high-paying job opportunities could see notable increases in 2023. [Continue]

Brisbane Apartment Sales Started Dropping In the End of 2019

Brisbane’s controlled home market, which led the nation in and out of the cycle, is showing indications of restored optimism, with apartment or condo values and rental fees continuing to secure regardless of low degrees of new supply.   While Brisbane experienced the biggest decrease in brand-new houses, with its pipeline sagging to virtually 28,000 [Continue]

Peet Limited Wins Approval for 1700 Home in Greater Flagstone in Logan Satellite City

The Queensland government has actually approved the growth of 1700 new whole lots in a $6.7 billion satellite city development in Logan.   The approval, which includes seven different freehold land items under 300sq m, forms part of designer Peet’s Flagstone “satellite city” advancement.   With Queensland a top destination for interstate movement, it’s anticipated [Continue]

Big 4 pounded by Frydenberg after new mortgage price adjustments

interest rate

Commonwealth Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has criticised the large 4 financial institutions for stopping working to pass the full 25 bps decrease to consumers adhering to Tuesday’s cash money price cut, regardless of ANZ and Westpac revealing modifications.   Both Westpac as well as ANZ appeared to describe that they would not be handing down the [Continue]

A Reward Career to Diligent People

THE PROPERTY INDUSTRY AWARD IS UNDER REVIEW BY THE FAIR WORK COMMISSION, AND WHILE THE EVALUATION IS CONTINUING, SOME ADJUSTMENTS INFLUENCING WAGES AND ALSO CONDITIONS WILL ENTER INTO IMPACT FROM APRIL 2nd The worker categories from the existing award have actually been streamlined, with one brand-new classification being developed. All placements at Associate degree have [Continue]